Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Disney Land 2008

Shane and Tytan at the castle.
Rekow family at the Christmas tree.
Aunt Cortney and Madox.

The Hahn Family took a trip to Disney Land for Christmas this year.  We all flew together and spent two days at D Land, one day at Newport Beach and one day at Knotts Berry Farm.  It was so much fun and we appreciated all the extra help from the grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lewiston, ID Christmas Lights

On our way home from Thanksgiving we stopped in Lewiston to see the Christmas lights. They were so cool! There was a light train, a real train where you could ring the bell, dancing bears, an igloo, a lighted walk way that changed colors as you walked and a huge colored tree with a dance floor that activated the lights. Tytan loved dancing and running around the floor making the lights flash. The babies loved the lights and for once, didn't mind wearing their winter coats.

Visiting Santa

We saw Santa at Boise Town Square when we were there for Thanksgiving. Tytan asked for a Tiger, the stuffed animal from Hallmark, and the babies did well sitting on Santa's lap for a picture. No crying at all. I didn't scan the actual Santa photo yet. Here are the ones we took while waiting.

Tytan's deer obsession

Last winter Shane went fishing and ran over a set of antlers in the snow. He brought them home and gave them to Tytan. They have become his prized posession. He keeps them in his closet and is only allowed to bring them out when the babies are sleeping. Tytan loves playing Bambi with them. Meaning, he sings the theme song of Bambi, holds an antler in each hand and fights with the antlers. We have a ton of deer that hang out in our back yard and Tytan likes to watch out the windows for them. If he is awake earlier than I am in the morning, I usually wake up to him standing at the window yelling to me that there is a mommy and baby deer in our back yard.

Silly Boys

These are the boys "I'm so cute!" faces. Madox does the head tilt and Jaxon does the cheeser smile.

Family Pictures...Finally!

We finally got around to taking some family pictures. It is sure hard to get three kids to look the same direction. When we were in Emmett for Thanksgiving we had Shane's niece Jordan and his sister Kelly snap a few shots in his Grandma's wooded back yard. Quite a few of them turned out really nice. Here Jaxon is with me and Madox is with Shane.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Skype us!

Our Skype name is Rekowfamily if you want to give us a call!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tytan was a pro at trick-or-treating this year. We went with our neighbor Laden who was dressed as a clown. Tytan knocked, said "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank you" at each door. We only made it about three blocks over and three blocks down, but it was fun. The funniest thing about the whole night was both boys held the favorite (so far) candy in hand, until it was replaced by the new favorite of the night. There was always a piece of candy in hand and Tytan's Dots won the contest. The babies rode along in the stroller and somehow we forgot to take a picture of them.

Halloween Party

The WSU Children's Center, where I work and the kids attend, had an evening Halloween Party. We all dressed up in our costumes for a night of treats and games. Shane and I each strapped a baby on and we followed Tytan around to the games. He loved fishing and the cake walk, but he didn't understand why he had to wait for his number to be chosen. He just wanted a cup cake.


This year I was a cat, Shane was Michael Meyers, Tytan was Spiderman, Madox was Captain America and Jaxon was the Incredible Hulk. We went to a party at day care and Trick-or-treating with our new neighbors.

Carving Pumpkins

This was the twins first Halloween and first experience with pumpkins. They loved touching the guts and even tried eating it a few times. Jaxon's face above shows you how much he liked the raw pumpkin flavor. Shane and I carved the first letters of the babies names in their little pumpkins, a J for Jaxon and a M for Madox. Tytan drew his own pumpkin face with markers and Shane helped him carve out the circles. Below is the finished product... Three happy jack-o-lanterns.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This year's trip to the pumpkin patch was so different with little ones along for the ride. It was freezing outside so we went to the big red barn first with the twins bundled up in the stroller. Tytan jumped in the big ball pit and went through the corn maze, but by the time we were ready to pick pumpkins, the line for the tractor ride was so long we had to get the babies back in the car. We headed out the the WSU Tukey Orchard to find our pumpkins. We kept the twins in the car and first, Shane and Tytan picked our family pumpkins and then, Tytan and I went on the tractor ride around the fields. It was fun but a little wierd to not do all of the activities as a family.

Boys bath

Believe it or not, these are the first pictures we have taken of the boys bathing. I guess bathing two at a time keeps your hands too busy to snap a picture. The boys have become very fond of the bathtub. If I leave the bathroom door open, the two travel down the hall and stand on the side of the tub yelling at each other. Jaxon is very calm in the tub and plays with whatever toys float his way. Madox on the other hand is like a chipmunk on coffee. He stands, sits, spins, turns, lays out flat and twists faster than I can keep track of where I scrubbed. His baths end up being about 1 minute and he has about 5 bumps on his head before he gets kicked out. Hopefully the thrill of the bath with come to an end soon and they will just hang out with the toys like their big brother does. Tytan would spend hours in the tub if I would let him.

Swim lessons

Tytan finished his first session of swim lessons last week. He loved the water! He was very brave in the water and when it was his turn to swim one on one with the teacher, he listened well and can now put his "turtle up" (hands up above his head to dive), stroke forward and backwards and float on his back. During class the teacher would take one child out into the water to work on a skill while the others were expected to stand on the dock and hold onto the metal bars. Just to the side of the pool a lifeguard sat and reminded the kids to hold the bars. Tytan got time outs on the side of the pool every lesson for not keeping his hands on the bars. He was having too much fun splashing the other kids, scaling the bars like Spiderman and dunking himself. Once he even dunked himself too long, swallowed water and puked big time in the water. They had to evacuate the pool and clean it before it was open again. Yuck!

Helping Daddy in the kitchen

The twins love to stand up on anything they can grab on to. They are helping Daddy load the dishwasher, but pull the plastic cups out faster than he can put them in.
Shane and Tytan installed a new kitchen sink and faucet. It is so pretty, now we just need pretty cabinets and countertops to go along with it.

Our new house

Our big backyard where 8-10 deer hang out and eat our apples every morning and night.
The purple kitchen, and yes this is all I will show off because the sink was full of dirty dishes and the cabinets, countertops and floor are on our list of things to do!

The living room.
I love the number plate. It is so cute!
Babies' room

Tytan's orange room

It has taken me so long to post pictures of our new house, but we have been busy painting and slowly decorating. Here are a few... The babies' room is blue with construction trucks and Tytan's room is orange with big cats. The living room is a sage green, the kitchen is purple and our bedroom is halfway painted tan. It is nice having a bigger house, but managing three kids and trying to do any home improvements has proven to be challenging!