Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Snow fall

Tytan, Madox and Jaxon

Tytan making a snow angel

Yahoo! Down the hill they go!

Tytan's turn

Everyone is ready! Tytan, Jaxon and Madox

Jaxon was really worried about his truck, it was snowed in!


It snowed last Friday, so we got up early Saturday morning to hit the slopes. Well, we only have one slope, but it is big enough for sledding. The boys had so much fun playing and making snowballs. Hopefully the next time it snows we'll get more!

Kung Fu

Tytan's high kick
Madox taking a break

Every time Tytan puts on sweat pants he thinks it's time for Kung fu, thank you Kung Fu Panda. We were having a dance party in the living room, the fire was going and it was too hot, so we took off the kids' shirts and let them do a little boxing. They put on their mittens to wear as boxing gloves.


Tytan and our neighbor Layden had a war in our living room. Layden brought over his map and Tytan got out his army men and hats. I tried to show them how to re-create the Civil War, but they were more interested in the East-West coast rap wars. It's nice to have a buddy right across the street!

Warm and cozy

Burr, it's getting cold outside! The boys have loved helping daddy make a fire and are very good at following the rules to stay safe.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Wear them out park trip

On Halloween we had planned to have a morning party to wear everyone out so they would take a good nap. The kids all turned out too sick to have anyone over, so we went to the park. It had rained all the night before, but the kids still had fun, and did take awesome naps.

Halloween Treats and Crafts

Halloween morning we ate pumpkin pancakes with raisins for faces.

Here we mixed colored glue to make window cling pumpkins and cut and glued jack-o-lanterns

This craft the boys painted with q-tips to make the webs and then glued a body and legs to make a spider.

This craft I cut out bats and moons and the boys glued, stuck on star stickers and colored.

This one the twins made pumpkin patches and worked really hard to make pumpkin faces and said "eyes, nose, mouth" as we drew each part of the face.

Tytan's ghost and Halloween snack mix; goldfish, raisins and marshmallows

Jaxon and his ghost, he had to have another lollipop to eat

Tytan showing off his ghost

Madox enjoying his candy