Friday, August 28, 2009

Up to no good!

The twins are almost 19 months old, and are into everything. They climb up onto the couch and mess with the blinds, windows and thermostat. They move the chairs of the kitchen and dining room tables to climb up onto the table tops and pull things down. The tables used to be my "out of reach" places. They are starting to hit, bite and wrestle with each other. I think it is time to start sitting in naughty chairs like on Nanny 911. Here is a pic of them up on the couch, banging on the window while Shane was working on the front patio. I have a picture from when I was 2 just like this, perched on top of the toilet, with the same grin of naughtiness. It's good to know everyone goes through this, I just have two at the same time!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Camping at Silver Creek Plunge

Sat- We drove 8 hours to the campsite and set up camp. Everything was a little muddy because it rained the two days before we got there. Shane put tarps up in the trees for a little rain cover, set up the tent and I tried to keep the kids busy and out of the mud. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows only to find that the kids had no interest in roasted marshmallows. They wanted them straight out the the bag. After it finally got dark we put on all of the warmest clothes we brought and tried to put everyone in bed. The kids just jumped on the air mattresses and played until about 11 pm. We had to divide and conquer. Shane got one to sleep at a time in the tent while I held the others around the campfire. It was a nightmare, especially when everyone was up at 6 am.
Sun- Since we were up so early and ALL the other campsites were dead asleep we drove up the creek a bit to do some fishing. Tytan was so excited to fish. Shane and I each wore the babies and we hiked off the trail to look for some good fishing holes. After no luck, we tried the bigger creek and by then Jaxon was mad being on my back. I decided to try and park the stroller next to the creek since we were fishing at a spot so close to where the car was parked. As I put Jaxon down, the stroller started rolling and I jumped in front of him just in time to fall into the creek holding the stroller on the grass. My shoes filled up with water and I was done fishing. We headed back to camp and went for a swim in the hot springs pool. The kids all loved the water. Madox loved walking around in the shallow end and throwing himself backwards into a float. I had a heart attack each time he did it. Jaxon loved walking around in the shallow end with an intertube around himself. Tytan loved wearing his lifejacket and swimming around the deep end with a doggie paddle. He didn't want any help from us. Bed time went a little better because we were tired and we drove the kids in the car until they all fell asleep.
Mon- Early in the morning we found the creek in walking distance from our campsite and our neighbors showed us the good fishing holes. About 15 trout later we took a bike ride around the campsites. We spent most of the day going between the creek and riding bikes that day. Late in the afternoon Shane's sister showed up. Silver Creek is where Shane and his family grew up camping each summer. It is only a 90 minute drive from Emmett. We had burnt foil dinners and took a night swim in the hot springs pool. We also went fishing with Kelly. It was so nice having another adult to help with holding/helping the kids. As soon as we got the kids to bed Kelly said she saw a skunk. We went to sleep anyways and about an hour later I was woken by an animal digging through our trash. It was hanging on the tree and it had fallen down. It was trying to open our muffin package. I woke Shane up and after searching for flashlights and only finding the one that didn't work, he threw the flashlight at the animal, ran to the car and turned on his headlights so we could get the garbage all picked up.
Tues- We got up and packed up camp while Kelly took the kids for a walk. We fished on the big creek all the way back to Crouch, ID and stopped for lunch at a cute diner. It was nice to get to Shane's Grandmother's house, take a shower and wash our clothes.

Homemade Volcano

The boys have been really interested in dinosaurs lately and Tytan has been watching volcanoes erupt on the computer, so we decided to make our own volcano at home. We used baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Everyone took a turn pouring vinegar into the volcano and caused an eruption. The boys loved it. I'm sure we will have many more of these to come over the years.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tytan turns 4!

Tytan has his first Superhero birthday. He had a Batman cake, got Batman clothes, PJ's and undies, Spiderman toys, and his favorite Teen Titans videos. We had a few neighbors and friends over for cake and ice cream. He is growing up so fast!