Saturday, June 6, 2009


Tytan will be 4 in one month! He is getting so big and smart. He loves Spider Man, Batman and Teen Titans. At night, Tytan has his four "Guardians" (stuffed animal cats, lion, puma, white tiger and orange tiger) who protect him from "Beasties" at the four posts of his bed. He can be found carrying a guardian or a stick where ever he goes. Tytan calls his sticks "boan's" (like bow and arrow combined) and he hunts for jaguars in our yard with his puppy Sammy. Tytan is a great big brother and is learning to help the babies go on longer walks by holding their hands. He is also getting into hiding and sneaking, that is sneaking out of the house to play with his friends across the street...we're working on that one!


Jaxon is 16 months old. His best dancing move is spinning on one foot around and around. He even wore a hole in his shoes doing this. He loves playing with cars/trucks and pushing them around in the dirt. When we go to the park, he finds the swing and waits next to it until I put him in and push him. He is a great eater, but when he is done, the food starts flying. His favorite book is "Five Little Monkeys," because he likes to shake his finger and say "No, no" to the monkeys jumping on the bed.


Madox is now 16 months old. He is quick on his feet and has a mind of his own, especially when I want him to walk in a certain direction. He just learned to "Say cheese," and knows what cameras and phones are for. Madox loves to watch tv shows and sweeps the house for me if I leave the broom out where he can get to it. He loves playing in the yard and can often be found just laying in the grass looking at flowers. His favorite words are "what's this" and "thank you." He is such a sweet, emotional, little guy and I love his 11pm snuggles each night.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here it is Oriana

This is what I looked like 32 weeks preggo with the twins. I made it 4.5 more weeks, so you can only imagine how big I was at delivery! :)