Friday, September 19, 2008

Sick day!

We're home with colds and pink eye today, but that doesn't stop the fun. We put up the tee pee in the living room, made puzzles and took silly pictures of ourselves. Madox is showing off his standing abilities and Jaxon is snuggling with mommy. Tytan is down for a nap.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Running through the sprinklers

It was so hot outside, we turned on the sprinklers, apparently just to watch them because no one would run through. It was nice to cool off our feet on the wet grass and the babies loved touching the grass while lounging in the shade.

Happy Belated Birthday Tytan!

Well the party was not belated, but this post sure is. Tytan turned three in July and we had a water party with his boy cousins, Ryan and Ian. We had a BBQ and pinata. The boys played on the slip and slide, threw water balloons at a bullseye and beat each other with water noodles. Tytan got fun presents for his new orange tiger bedroom.

Summer fun in Emmett

Tytan and Madox just sitting in Great-grandma's chair.
We picked cherries for Emmett's annual Cherry Festival.
Tytan loved the rides at the Cherry Festival.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We're still alive!

We haven't posted once since getting home from summer, mostly because Shane hates when I put pictures on to his computer and he loaned out my laptop to a friend while I was gone. We are alive and well.

Shane is back to school working on his PhD in the MMBB department (Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) at the University of Idaho. He got into Berkeley, and wanted to go there, but decided lame old Moscow was the best place for our little family. Maybe we will end up there in a few years. He is busy doing research in a lab, studying and squeezing in family time each night. He has proven to be a great cook putting a big spread on the table each night and the occasional morning and can clean the house faster than I can change and dress the babies.

I am still working at the WSU Children's Center as the PM Kindergarten teacher. It is a great schedule for me because I spend the mornings with the babies or taking Tytan to swimming or the library and don't have to work until just before lunch. I have a great group of Kindergarteners and the days just fly by.

Tytan is a big three year old who loves swimming lessons and going to preschool. Thank goodness for nap time, because the full day seems to wear him out. When he is tired, he resorts to biting his friends and pulling the babies heads off. He has quite the vocabulary and loves to tell us stories about going hunting. We have deer in our backyard every night and morning who love to eat the apples that have fallen off our trees. He stands in the windows and watches them eat, then rattles the window to get them to jump over the fence and run off to the fields.

The twins are officially on the go. Madox is always sitting up and crawling around looking for the package of baby wipes. No matter where I try to hide it, he finds it. He loves the crinkly sound and how he can pull the wipes out of the hole at the top. He is even venturing out of the living room when something grabs his attention. Madox just cut his fourth tooth yesterday, so he has two on the bottom and two on the top.

Jaxon is finally sitting well and slowly moving. I think he has been a little behing Madox because his bigger body just doesn't do what he wants it to do. He is up on his hands and knees lunging forward, yelling at the toy just out of reach and his body just isn't listening to him. I think by next week we will have to get the baby gates out. Jaxon has two bottom teeth and his top two are on the verge of cutting through. Jaxon loves to eat solid foods and will suck on his little net fruit keeper at every meal. He has great hand-eye coordination for feeding himself.

Well I better get back to bed before the day begins again.