Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boyer Park

Tytan and TJ fishing

Madox loves the water

Jaxon was a little hesitant, but did get his toes wet

Gordon, Madox and Jaxon trying to push the wagon into the water

With such great weather I can hardly sit still in the house. Our best friends from the library, Leona and her boys TJ and Gordon, went with us down to the river. We had the whole park to ourselves and luckily my boys loved their life jackets. The boys threw rocks into the water, pretended to fish and had a yummy picnic lunch. We will be going here more often since it is only a 25 minute drive!

Happy Anniversary- 7 Years!

Thanks to Shane's niece Haily and her fiancee Mike, Shane and I got to go out to the fanciest restaurant in Pullman, Fireside Grill, and celebrate 7 years. We toasted to 7 more years focusing on our health and then drove around to our old houses while we waited for a movie. It was great to get out of the house. There aren't many people who can watch our little tribe.

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year Shane brought home "Pottery to go." It was a nice surprise and I had the boys help me paint it. We put hand prints and ages on it so I can remember how small the boys were when they are all grown up.


These were our first of many popsicles of the summer. Jaxon was so mad when his popsicle would fall off the stick, or when it was gone. He wanted them to keep coming. Madox shared his popsicles with the dogs and didn't mind picking it up off the ground after it broke. Tytan is the popsicle king of our house and would eat one back to back all day long. He doesn't care what color or flavor it is, all he wants is a popsicle. We had to start a new rule, only one popsicle per day.

Sprinklers in the yard

Shane brought home a new sprinkler for the boys to try out. It sprayed like crazy! Our water pressure must be much higher than the testers for this product. The sprinkler was going over the house. Madox sat down next to it and sprayed himself in the face while giggling uncontrollably. Tytan ran through the water a few times, but thought it was too cold. Jaxon would get just close enough to the water to get a toe wet and then run to me so I could warm him up. Jaxon also liked playing with the meter like he was flying an airplane. It is so funny to me how different the boys all are.

Captain Underpants!

The boys were helping me fold laundry and the last pile to go to the rooms was Tytan's underwear. They all tried them on, so of course we had to get pictures to black mail them when they are older.


I would love to update my blog, however, I cannot find the cord again. I always put it in a safe place that I can't remember!