Thursday, March 26, 2009


I gave Jaxon a box of Nerds to keep him busy while I cleaned up dinner and came back to find all three boys with the box open, scarfing them off the ground. Tytan was even tummy down sucking them off the floor because they were so small he could only grab one or two at a time. They are a bunch of Nerds!

Cougar Baseball

Aunt Cortney and Uncle Mat came to visit for the weekend and since Mat is a baseball fanatic we went to see the Cougs destroy South Dakota. We ran into Tytan's best buddy Eli at the game. They had a blast running between our seats and his Grandma's box. Butch teased the boys throughout the game to keep them all entertained. Cortney took all the cute pictures of the boys with Butch, so I'll have to add them later.

Boise Zoo

The group
Mike, Haily, Jan, Shane, Tytan, Madox & Jaxon

Tytan on a safari

Sliding with my boys

We always visit the Boise Zoo when we visit Emmett. This time there was a new Africa exhibit with tigers and giraffes. Grandma Jan, Cousin Haily and her fiance Mike joined us for the day. It was St. Patrick's Day and we all had green on under our coats. It was chilly!

Out to dinner

Grandma Jan, Great-Grandma Jerry, Haily, Madox, Kristen, Jordon, Jason, Kelly, Jaxon and Tytan (Shane took the picture )

We went out to dinner with the family to a Japanese restaurant where the food is cooked in front of you. It was so yummy and everyone gained about 5 lbs. Tytan loved the fire, the cook tossing the eggs and getting squirted with the ketchup bottle rigged with a straw. It was nice to get everyone together out on the town!

Spring Break in Emmett

Jaxon riding the horse

Madox riding the horse

Turning off and on the TV
Tytan in the front yard with his dog Sammy

Jaxon screamed the last hour and the iPod was a life saver
Madox playing in the doll house

Jaxon playing with the dolls

Tytan riding the horse

We spent a few days of Shane's Spring Break with his family in Emmett, ID. We stayed out at his Grandma's house and the kids had so much fun playing with all the "girl" toys that were in the basement, all the other cousins are girls. It was probably their first adventure with dolls, baby clothes and barbie cars. They all loved riding on the horse too. The twins favorite thing to do was turn the TV on and off, making sure to get the attention of everyone in the room before they pushed the buttons. Tytan's favorite thing was the ice cream after every meal and the acres surrounding the house.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tytan the Superhero

Tytan and Shane went shopping for comic books last weekend and ever since, Tytan has morphed into a superhero. He loves Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Mr. Incredible. He dreams about flying, can shoot webs from his hands and hides out in his bat cave.

Walking and Climbing

Madox standing in Tytan's boots.

Jaxon climbed up in our sensory table filled with rats, spiders and blocks.

On February 27, Madox finally decided to walk! He had been practicing pushing his shopping cart around the house for a few months now and scooting with one leg folded. (very strange looking and had Grandma Hahn nervous about his curving spine) He seems to be enjoying walking around and is getting braver and taking more steps each day. Sometimes his body gets going faster than his feet and he heads towards the couch for a quick crash landing.

On February 28, Jaxon decided to join his brother in walking! He is a bit more timid and clumsy, but with all the praise Madox was getting he decided to try it out too. He is a bigger boy and I think his arms are stronger than his legs. Jaxon has recently climbed up every piece of furniture we own. He gets up on the ottoman, on his knees, with both arms up in the air and bounces with joy! He also loves getting up on the couch, over to the coffee table and pulling the blinds off the windows. Just yesterday in the kitchen he got up on the step stool, then up to the chair, up to the table and bounced on the top! We are in trouble! Luckily he hasn't gone up the bookshelves yet!

Cat Tales

We are so tired of this snowy weather because we love to go on day hikes with the family. Today we headed up to Spokane to find some animals. We wish there was a zoo here, but all we have is the WSU Conor Museum with stuffed animals. Just north of Spokane, in Mead, we found Cat Tales!! It was snowing, but within one hour we saw all the animals. We saw all kinds of tigers, leopards, lions, pumas and cougars. The lion was gigantic!!!!! Kids who are 8 and older can go on a special "Cat Adventure" where they get to feed the lion steak on a stick and are literally a chain link fence away from the huge cat. We watched a little boy feed the lion and then he turned around and almost peed on Shane. The twins had to hang out in the stroller, as usual, but when they whined or cried the tigers got really aggressive and loud. Thank goodness for the double gates around the park. Pictures coming soon! Here's the website too if you want to visit.

Happy Birthday Madox and Jaxon

The twins turned one on February 7th. We had a small birthday party with a Jungle theme. The kids played with jungle puppets, jungle animals, a jungle ball game and watched Madagascar 2. We ate Subway sandwiches, cake and ice cream. Jaxon had a chocolate cake and Madox had a vanilla cake, but I actually fed both boys the vanilla cake. They tried very hard to blow out the candles and Tytan helped! Grandma and Grandpa Hahn came to visit for the weekend.