Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Family Photos and Newsletter

Madox, Tytan and Jaxon
Jaxon and Mom
Madox and Dad
Jaxon, Madox, Mom, Dad and Tytan
Rekow Family 2009

I didn't send letters in our Christmas card because I hate writing them. My mom bugs me until I do it so her Christmas book will be complete. Here is what I submitted for the family history book...

Rekow Family Christmas Newsletter 2009
Dear Friends and Family,
This year I stayed at home with the kids to cut down on our child care costs. It has gone well, but I have gained an extra 10-15 pounds by baking and eating all day long. I have also gotten quite crafty and force the kids to make art projects with me. I have also almost figured out how to keep the house clean and caught up on the laundry, aside from mating the socks. During the day I resort to watching Ellen, Facebooking old friends from high school and have been reading to make the day pass faster. I take the kids to the library and have figured out that if I request all the books I want while at home on the computer, I just have to go to the desk and the girls have them all ready for me, no chasing the little ones down the aisles for a book. I enjoyed visiting with my old friends this summer at my 10 year high school reunion.

Shane is a PhD student at the University of Idaho. He is always busy researching things, even at home, to find faster and more effective ways to run his experiments. He is still working with cancer genes and has a few more semesters to go, depending on how his research turns out. He has been fishing and hunting a few times this year, no fish, but we are enjoying the venison he brought home this fall.

Tytan is now 4 ½ years old. He goes to preschool in the mornings and loves riding the bus. He is quite a ham and loves spending time with his friends. He is really into tigers and lions, and superheroes. He is a great big brother to Madox and Jaxon. He tried out basketball, soccer and swimming this year and loved swimming the best.

Madox is now 22 months old. He is our tv junkie. If the tv is on, Madox is watching. When the tv is off Madox is busy moving things with his trucks or playing with animals. He loves the same kind of toys that Tytan did when he was one. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle and carries around his silky blankie. He plays hard all day and takes naps so easily.

Jaxon is also 22 months old. He is our little helper. He loves to be on my lap or in my arms helping me all day. He unloads the dishwasher, sweeps the floors and loves to wash his hands. He also loves reading books and talks quite a bit, like 5 word sentences. He loves playing with Tytan and telling on Madox.

We are all ready for the holidays and are excited to spend Christmas in Emmett this year with Shane’s family. We hope all is well for you. Happy Holidays.

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Vancouver with the Hahn family. Wednesday night we celebrated Cortney and Ian's birthdays. Thursday we made crafts and ate turkey. Friday we shopped, I had lunch with Brooke and Jordan and then we went to a Blazer game. Saturday we went to OMSI. We had fun visiting.