Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strider Bikes

We really wanted to get the twins bikes for a birthday present, but didn't shop in time and hadn't yet agreed on what bike to get. So we ordered Strider bikes for a late birthday gift and Tytan couldn't be left out, so he got one too. They have loved them so far! We can't wait to get them outside, go away rain!

Palouse Falls

Shane and Kristen

Jaxon thrilled with his throw and muddy Madox in the background.

More muddy Madox. He licked each rock before throwing it in and he's not sick yet.

Jaxon and Madox throwing rocks

Tytan and Shane crossing small rapids.

My boys on the tracks. Jaxon, Tytan, Madox and Shane.
Almost the whole crew, Jeremy and Mathis, Shane, Layla, Madox, Mary Jean and Jaxon.

Shane had the day off for President's Day we took a trip to Palouse Falls with our friends the Inmans. We ate a picnic lunch, hiked to the falls, walked over the railroad tracks, hiked down to a few rapids and finished off the day with a snack overlooking the huge falls. The kids loved walking on the tracks and throwing rocks in the water. It had been raining, but we lucked out and had beautiful sunshine.

Silly boys

Early in the morning the boys found my shoes and Shane's hat and were playing dress up. Jaxon had fun walking in my heels and Madox loved wearing Shane's hat while playing the annoying recorder.

Family Movie Night

We built a fort in the living room and watched Meet the Robinsons for a family movie night. The kids loved the gummy candies we got for treats. Shane and I sure felt old because sitting on the floor for an entire movie was not comfortable, the floor was so hard, even with bean bags and pillows.