Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodbye Teacher Kelly

Tytan was in Teacher Kelly's preschool class this year. He has loved her so much and I think he was one of her favorites. Her husband graduated from WSU and took a job in Georgia, so they moved this weekend. The class had a surprise picnic for her at the park. There was a great turnout of parents and it was fun to see all the friends that Tytan talks about at home.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Walking With Dinosaurs

Today we took a trip up to Spokane to see Walking With Dinosaurs. It was awesome! The boys loved it! They growled with the dinosaurs and cheered them on during the fights. We had a great time and were glad Mason and Kellie came with us.

Spring Break and Easter

We spent spring break in Vancouver this year. My sister Melanie also visited with her family. The kids had a ball. We went to the movies, played lots of games, spent the day at OMSI and sang for the elderly at Cortney's work. It rained almost the entire time but we got outside for a quick swim in Grandpa's hot tub and a family walk. Cortney is graduating from Nursing school next month so we had an early pinning party for her. We also made an anniversary gift my parent's 37th year of marriage with the whole family's hand prints.

We spent Easter in Vancouver with my family again. We dyed eggs with all the cousins, took pictures with all nine cousins, visited the Easter bunny at the mall, hunted for Easter eggs and had a big family lunch.