Sunday, April 26, 2009

New haircuts

All the boys got hair cuts this morning. I did the twins and Shane did Tytan. They were all good sports and are ready for some summer sun. Tytan was playing outside, so I'll have to add his picture later.

Under the table

Why is it that one year olds love to play under the table? The boys love to go under and over the bars between the chair legs. Tytan loved playing under the table when he was this age too. It's all fun and games until someone bumps their head.

Tytan's weapons

TJ and Tytan all dressed up
Tytan with the bubble gun

It seems that most activities Tytan chooses focus on weapons and fighting. He must be 100% boy. Luckily he has two good buddies that will play fight with him, and a daddy too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Jaxon, Kristen, Madox and Shane
Madox, Grandpa, Tytan, Grandma and Jaxon
Madox found eggs
Jaxon found two eggs

This Easter we spent at my parent's house in Vancouver. It is the first time we have been there for Easter with our own kids. We dyed eggs with the boy cousins Ryan and Ian. In the morning we did our own egg hunt in the living room with all the hard boiled eggs. The twins found two each and then ate through the shells to eat the eggs. It was so gross and my parent's new carpet was covered with hard boiled egg. Stinky! We should have just let them find the candy filled eggs instead of saving them for the bigger kids. Before lunch Tytan, Ryan and Ian hunted for eggs and got more than 20 each. Their baskets were overflowing. I made lunch this year with a ham, ranch red potatoes, carrots, a fruit salad and easter grass cupcakes. When we were all full, we hopped in the car for our six hour ride home.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bunny 2009

Tytan, Jaxon and Madox took pictures with the Easter Bunny this week.  They all smiled and enjoyed the chocolate eggs!  NO crying like I expected!

Twins Birthday Pics

Jaxon and Madox 14 months



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seaside/Astoria day trip

Grandpa had some deliveries to make on the way to the coast, so we went along for a day trip to the beach.  We saw lots of boats and seagulls and came home full of sand.  We stopped at the aquarium to fed the seals and touch the crabs.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Washington Park

Grandma, Jaxon, Jeff and Suz

Ryan, Tytan and Ian

Kristen and Madox

Yummy pizza!!

Jeff, Suz, Ryan and Ian introduced us to the coolest park in Portland, Washington Park.  It is the one you can ride the Oregon Zoo train to.  The structure is HUGE and the kids had a blast!  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oregon Zoo

This morning we went to the Oregon Zoo.  It seems to be a tradition each time we visit Grandma Hahn.  The weather was cold and wet but we had a blast and fed the lorikeets for the first time.  We bought two cups of juice for the birds, I had one and Tytan had the other.  When the second bird landed on his arm he got scared and threw his cup.  I ended up with 5 birds on my arms, shoulders and even on top of my head.  The birds held still and let the babies pet them too.

Camping out, well in the house :)

Grandpa took off for a hike with the Boy Scouts and Tytan was so sad.  He really wanted to go camping so we made a tent in the living room and put out the sleeping bags on the floor.  Thankfully after about 20 minutes Tytan decided we should sleep in our beds instead.  I am too old to sleep on a hard floor!