Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4th of July

Tytan loving the show

Jaxon relaxing, yes his hand is down his diaper, Ed Bundy style!

Madox fighting Mommy with glow sticks

Tytan and Shane waiting for the show to start

Jaxon and Madox waiting

Doran, Tytan and Layden

Doran and Tytan

Jaxon swimming

Tytan using kitchen spoons as weapons, of course!

On the 4th of July we had Shane's good friend Ben and his family over. The guys put up our new porch and the kids played in the water. After the work was done, we headed over to Sunnyside Park in Pullman for a great firework show. Our neighbor Chelsea joined us with her kids, Layden and Clara, her brother and her friend Lisa.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Shane!

Shane turned 37 this year! I made him a trout birthday cake and we had a family celebration complete with balloons and hats.

Visiting Daddy at work- U of Idaho

Shane is at the University of Idaho for school and he works in a Biology lab as a research assistant. We like to visit his lab and bring him lunch. This day we took a walk on the campus over to the clock tower. The twins are finally able to go on walks around town.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Madox, Tytan and Jaxon
Tytan made it to the top, (ignore the black eye I gave him when I accidentally tripped over his foot and shoved him into the corner of the wall).
Madox climbing
Jaxon loves hanging

We were in Vancouver for Father's Day this year. Early in the morning we went to the park as a family. The kids are getting so good at climbing and figuring out playground equipment. They had fun and so did Daddy. He doesn't get to come with us on our daily park trips very often.

10 Year High School Reunion

We took a trip to the Oregon Zoo and rode the train around.
We ate lunch at my favorite Olive Garden and stayed for over two hours just talking! It was so much fun catching up with all my old girlfriends.
My best girls from highschool, Charise, Courtney, Me, Jordan and Brooke
Tina and me, we planned a lot of the reunion and it turned out great!

High school days

Jordan, Carlie, Me and Charise
Carlie, Me, Melissa, Charise and Brooke
1999 Graduation
Jordan, Charise, Me, Courtney, Jaime and Bethany
Talent Show Junior Year- Any Man of Mine
Bethany, Jaime, Jordan, Charise, Catherine, Lynsey
Courtney, Kristi, Me and Brooke
Senior skip day at the Oregon Coast.
Bethany, Jaime, Me, Courtney, Brooke and Charise.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reunion Oregon Zoo Trip

Tytan and Courtney's boys
Tytan at the bats
Tytan and Charise's nephew at the monkeys

Watching the sea lions swim

I met my best friends from high school, Charise and Courtney, and their kids for a day trip to the Oregon Zoo. We got rained out and had to make a mad dash to the car.

Jordan Circus

The circus came to town at our fair grounds. There were black bears, lions, tigers, elephants and crazy tricks. We had a great time and Tytan and TJ took a ride on the elephant at intermission.

Swimming pool

The pool finally opened in Colfax! We met our friends Leona, TJ and Gordon for a swim. The weather was great and the kids had blast!


After camping we drove across the dam to see the fish museum. There were windows to see the fish swimming up the ladder and Tytan got to talk to a Chinook Salmon on the phone.

First Camping Trip

We went camping at Boyer Park for our first family camp trip of the summer. We grilled hot dogs and marshmallows to eat. It was so warm out we were sweating in our tent and no one got much sleep. The kids finally went to bed around 11 PM after Shane drove them around in the car. Then everyone was up at 5 AM. It took two days to recover from this trip. Good thing we took this practice camp out rather than going for a five day trip in remote woodlands like Shane wanted!